Childproofing Tips and Hacks

Look at these affordable blinds, don’t they make the place more appealing? Indeed, window blinds and shades add style to the home. However, it is important that window blinds and shades, along with other household fixtures and products, pass the safety standards.

Aside from making sure that a product has passed the safety standards, parents with little children should make it a point to childproof every single room in the house to make sure that no harm would chance upon their little ones. The home, after all, is supposed to be the safest place for your kids.

However, even if you believe that you’ve completed a thorough job of childproofing your home, there is still a possibility that you’ve missed a thing or two. Research from the University of Alabama located in Birmingham, first-time mothers, with children ranging from 12 to 36 months, were asked to spot possible hazards in a model home they’ve created and they could only point out a few. Household injuries are one of the principal reasons children under 3 years of age are rushed to the E.R. yearly, which is why it is wise to prevent and be prepared for the worst.

Childproofing tips and hacks  to make hacks to safer for your children

We all know this but do don’t underestimate your children’s understanding. Candles and matches must be out of sight and out of reach. There is still a possibility for toddlers, even if their fine motors skills are undeveloped, to unintentionally light a match stick and start a fire. And if a toddler chews on a candle, she could choke on the wax. Opt for flameless LED candles to copy the flickering effect if candles.

Put photo frames up and out of reach. If a child bumps or drops a frame, the glass can shatter and can cause cuts, even if the room is carpeted. Put or mount picture frames somewhere that is well out of reach. You could also replace the glass with plastic.

Set up heat-resistant gates on fireplaces while the flames are burning. Moreover, make sure to buy pads for the edges of the hearth. Children could tumble, fall and injure themselves. Fire-stoking tools must also be out of reach.

Make sure that power-strips aren’t exposed. Keep it concealed behind fixtures or purchase a power-strip cover. Your child could simply unplug a cord, shove a metal inside one of the power-strip hole, and electrocute himself.

Watch the video below for more childproofing tips.