Reasons Gift Giving is All about Power Relations

A gift is something that people hand over, an item or service which they give to someone without expecting anything in return on the surface. The receiver does not have to pay money for a present. Historically, gift-giving was a clinic for sufferers. People attempted to appease the gods’ offerings. These gifts were a gesture […]

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Teaching Your Children a Healthy Lifestyle

Because of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, statistics show that children of today’s generation are said to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents and that only 1% of children in America meet the suggested USDA food pyramid for children. It is the critical responsibility of parents to encourage and establish a healthy […]

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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Prenatal Yoga

What is prenatal yoga? Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for pregnant women in all three trimesters, to connect with this transformation of journeying into becoming a mother. So connecting the mother within the growing body. Through prenatal yoga you’ll learn tools and techniques to relieve aches and pains that come and go throughout pregnancy and […]

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