Reason Why Parenting is Hard

Parenting can feel ridiculously hard. So hard that it results in pure mental and physical exhaustion. Being a parent also can cause you to act in an exceedingly way that’s not faithful to your core character. Worry and fear are two of the many emotions often experienced. And yet, parenting is additionally one of the […]

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The digital world poses many challenges for parents and children when it comes to online security. Safe online like provides important information. Children and young people spend an average of 2.4 hours a day online. With increasing age, the duration of use also increases. Parents have a special responsibility. They should ensure that their children are […]

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Can it ever be Beneficial for a Kid to Play Video Games?

Even if you use mods in a video game, so long it is parent-approved, there should be nothing to be worried about. In fact, when played in moderation, it can help your kids to learn a number of great things you would not even imagine in the first place. Don’t Focus on the Negative Oftentimes, […]

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