Why Busy Moms Should Not Forego Regular Exercise

Full-time moms find themselves on their feet most of the time, whilst burning calories at levels higher than what they burn when taking an early morning run. Yet engaging in regular exercise is more than just about burning calories, it’s also about feeling good and maintaining a positive outlook. House chores and being in the […]

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Reasons Gift Giving is All about Power Relations

A gift is something that people hand over, an item or service which they give to someone without expecting anything in return on the surface. The receiver does not have to pay money for a present. Historically, gift-giving was a clinic for sufferers. People attempted to appease the gods’ offerings. These gifts were a gesture […]

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Why Parent-Child Relationship is Important

Parenting is the most satisfying job that we’ll ever need, but it is not without its own challenges. Contemporary family life could be stressful and also with several pressures on households, it is not always simple. In the end, parents want what’s best for their kid and also a powerful parent-child relationship might help result […]

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