Watch out for your child instead of monitoring

Parents want to prevent something from happening to their child at all costs. What is more obvious than the desire to observe the child at every turn? The market has adapted to this wish. With tracking apps that show on a website where the smartphone and thus hopefully the child is. With web nannies on the PC that regulate online access, block or share content, log the child’s path through the network. They even allow parents to switch to the computer remotely to see what’s happening on the screen. Toys with eavesdropping function sends directly from the children’s room. A step on forbidden terrain, a wrong page on the Internet – already the parents know.


Deceptive security

Parents must protect their child. But there can be no one hundred percent security. Dangers are part of growing up, parents can never get everyone out of the way and would not do their child any favors. Moreover, not everything that promises security is actually safe. Security programs and relevant online services do not always do what they claim to do. Parents should seek expert advice here. Finally, too much protection can even have the opposite effect: those who believe themselves safely are less attentive and thus even more endangered.


Surveillance is not a game

It is almost untrustworthy to disguise surveillance tools as toys. A child talks to her doll, but the fact that the entertainment has to be sent to the doll manufacturer is not noticeable at all. The manufacturer learns the child’s preferences, feelings and thoughts and can do whatever he wants with the data. For example, creating a personality profile – companies can make a lot of money with it.


Parents are under pressure

The pressure on parents is enormous. Society expects the perfectly educated and well-supported child – and quite a few parents bow to this expectation. For parents who want to give their child more freedom, the critical glances of other parents are not easy to bear. But anyone who looks over his child’s shoulder at every turn says,

“I distrust you. I doubt you are following our rules. That’s why you have to account for every second of your life. I know everything, and I know it right away. Denial has no purpose, on the computer is the protocol.”

What is sold with surveillance devices as protection is nothing more than an expensive declaration of censure to the child.


Security through trust

Of course, the best protection for your child is a secure bond between parent and child. An example of a good bond between parent and child is through reading books together or doing art and painting. And if you need painting services for your house, you can visit painters in Abilene.

These activities makes children strong so that they can protect themselves. Technology is hardly a help. Because data is almost always collected, technology is often harmful, because no one knows to whom and for what this data is passed on. A mature personality develops not through surveillance, but through trust.