How to encourage toddlers to tell the truth

At the toddler stage, some parents may not have enough patience around their children. If the parents were tired from work and other activities. Because of this they might hit their children when they reach the peak of their patience. But here are the reasons, steps and little advice for you to control your child.

When your child is curious

Toddlers are at the developing stage and it is crucial to mold the child to the person you want them to be. This is the stage when they constantly ask questions, discover new things, and try it on their own. That is why it is important to keep your eyes on toddlers because they are at the peak of their curiosity.

Keep away gadgets, tools, and devices that may cause harm to them. These tools may be your best wood splitter, your chain saw, your hammer, your screw driver, and even your vacuum cleaner. Keep everything far from reach for safety purposes.

Character development is crucial

It is also at this stage when they learn what is right and what is wrong. At the first instance you caught them doing bad manners, correct it right on the spot. Do not wait till another day to tell them. They will not really remember which of the actions caused your disappointment.

Raising a child is challenging but it can all become easy when you learn the best techniques. Experience is the best teacher and learning from fellow parents with enough experience is perhaps the best source of advise.

How to handle stubborn toddlers

When your child doesn’t tell the truth

The most hard to control in the age of growing in children are lying. The reason why it happens: When your child is at 3 – 4 years old, they are not able to separate reality and fantasy. It means that it’s impossible for your 1-2 years old to know the lying and telling the truth.

1. Active imagination of the children were in the creativity is developing so much that they think what he believes is the truth. To prevent that , try to tell to the child and let him know to remember what he do.
2. Forgetfulness, where do you see an active children remember who really Barbie doll .She just know he wants it back now. And when you see your child for the crayon marks him /her writing in the wall and he says he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it and he is not lying, children are just forgetting it .
3. Angel Syndrome is where a child who recognizes that his parents think he can do nothing wrong and starts to believe it himself that mommy and daddy loves me.

What to do when you encounter this as parents:

1. Encourage the child to tell the truth instead of getting mad at your child’s misdeed, thank him for telling you about it.
2. Do not accuse you child. Couch your comments so they confess and not denial.
3. Don’t overburden your child with expectation and rules because this will make your child to think too much.
4. Building trust between you and your child is great. Nothing is more important than making honesty your best policy. Be a role model to your children. And try to keep a word, try to apologize for breaking a promise that you make.