Basic Refrigeration With Bomba Pneumatica

Refrigeration requires a chiller which is a cooling device that usually removes heat.

Chillers are an integral part of a comprehensive mechanical environment. This generally takes out the heat from a substance. In order to entirely understand the definition of a chiller, you must have to initially understand its principles.

Essential terms in the principle of refrigeration

Consider the following definitions regarding basic refrigeration:


Basically, heat is an energy distributed through different temperatures. Heat can be created or destroyed, whereby other energy forms are converted into heat. Also keep in mind that heat energy follows a single direction only. It comes from a warm to cool area.


In contrast with heat, cold is an absence of heat on an object. Based on the theoretical aspect, the zero point comes in 459.69 degrees lower than zero under a Fahrenheit scale. It may also be 273.16 degrees lower than zero at a Celsius scale.


The refrigeration is also known as the cooling process which is generally the removal of unnecessary heat from a chosen area. Subsequently, this is transferred to another area or substance. Through the use of heat lowering agents like ice, chilled water, or mechanical refrigeration process, the removal of heat may be achieved.


  • Mechanical refrigeration

This process of refrigeration is the use of mechanical parts systemized in a refrigeration environment for the objective of heat transfer. Knowing this, you can able to teach your kids on how to save electricity. 


These are generally chemical compounds that are either compressed or condensed into a form of liquid. Moreover, they are allowed to expand into the form of vapor or gas which are then pumped out via a mechanical refrigeration system. The cycle of refrigeration depends on the physical fundamentals that a liquid expands into a gas absorbs heat from the environment. 

Refrigerants also have the ability to either evaporate or boil when they reach a lower temperature than that of water. This eventually allows them to absorb heat at a faster rate compared to the water into your finger.


The refrigeration system acts to ward off the unnecessary heat from one place transferring to another location. In order to achieve this, the refrigerant should be pumped out via a closed refrigeration system. Moreover, this system needs major components like the following:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Bomba pneumatica