Monitor Your Child’s Activities Daily For Possible Bullying Inside The School

As parents, there is nothing more important in our world but to see our children living happily and enjoying their youth. We want to make sure that nothing or no one is ever going to harm them. However, while they are away from our homes and spending time learning at school, we can only imagine how their day is going. We can just hope that everything went well for them and they had a lot of fun learning and playing with their classmates.

More Incidents Of Bullying Reported Every Year, But Not All Reached The School’s Knowledge

Sadly, this has not always been the case for every student in schools within the country. Based on the latest figures, about twenty to thirty percent of the students’ population in kindergarten and primary school has experienced bullying. It is likely that those who claimed to have suffered from their bullies are still experiencing the same trouble, probably from the same bullies.

If you are a parent who just learned about his or her child’s experience with bullies, the moment is truly heartbreaking. Being bullied has a lot of negative implications on the child’s early development, the same as the effects of corporal punishment. The only thing we can do now is to prevent bullying from happening again, but how can we do this? Basing on the numbers, it appears that cases of bullying continues. It is possible that those same kids who were caught bullying are still doing their same old vile tricks, or other kids suddenly followed the footprints of the known bullies in the classroom.

Have Your Children Tell The Truth If They Are Bullied, Or Committed Bullying

The first thing we can do as parents is to break the barriers that may prevent our children from opening up. In the case of bullies, the number one reason for the victims not to report the incident right away is fear. Tell them that everything is going to be fine, and whatever trouble they are experiencing right now will only keep on going if they are not going to be honest. If you notice something unusual about your child’s behavior, you can check out his recent activities. If only there is a Spy App we can use to track down our kids’ interactions online, we can easily know any possible bullies.

When they become comfortable with your words and trust you that he or she is in good hands, your child will eventually open up about the incident. Although, it can also happen that your child may be the one who is bullying his or her classmates. Your child may not be aware that the acts he or she has committed is bad, and it is your job as the parent to clear this up.

Once bullying reaches the knowledge of the school staff and the parents, necessary measures can now be done to finally put an end to bullying. However, if we let fear in the hearts of the students from reporting the cases of bullying, we can expect that there will be more victims continuing to suffer.