How to Improve Father & Daughter Relationship

people-2585733_960_720Just because there’s a unique bond between mothers and toddlers, the association between fathers and daughters is exceptional. Fathers therefore can’t afford to stay distant characters from the lives of the daughters. Parenting is a joint venture, together with dads equally as active participants as moms.

The connection between father and daughter reaches on an extremely delicate stage when she’s in her teens. Her eyes start to rove and get concentrated on additional boys. She would like to dress differently and act differently. Some dads can’t deal with these changes nicely. They may respond by being overbearing.

In a society that does not appreciate modesty or sexual innocence, Dad becomes fearful his prized woman may go astray. He believes it’s his obligation to enforce rules about relationship and that which she will date, or the way she’ll groom, or what company she will maintain.

Overbearing Dads

Daughters tend to fight against dictatorial dads. When stiff rules are enforced that she believes unnecessary, when he limits her actions she might start to dread him or despise him. There’s a distinct tendency to rebel. A father has to be sensitive to the rising demands of the daughter and make adjustments appropriately. But he should also impress upon her that decisions have consequences.

A daughter believes her dad a judge where she’ll gauge the worth of different guys. If he’s well behaved, reliable, loving and honest, she’ll search for those qualities in different guys. He must be a praying dad too because he reflects the unconditional love of God our dad. Child psychologist Phyllis Bronstein claims that while a mom teaches caring and nurture, a dad teaches physical proficiency, self confidence in maintaining remarks, and adventurism. Kids with great dads get on well with different people and therefore are achievers.