Beginner Woodworking Project For Kids – The Birdhouse

birdhouseWoodworking is among the oldest art. While most parents are not experts in woodworkers, there are still ways for us to introduce woodworking projects to children who are eager to learn. All you need is the right guidance to teach kids the basics of woodworking.

This post is meant for kids and beginners. As a beginner yourself, you don’t have to set off making your own shower doors. Contact the experts when it comes to projects that require more skills. If you are located in New Jersey, contact Accurate Glass and Mirror shower doors service in New Jersey.

So how do parents can teach their children even without experience in woodworking? What is unique about woodworking that parents are willing to go the extra mile to teach their children something they are still learning themselves too?

The Advantages of Woodworking Projects for Children

Woodworking could offer kids an excellent outlet for creative imagination and test them to deal with style and design difficulties. It educates children to count and also gauge. Making use of fundamental woodworking gear, like a tape measure and also a speed square, children can build standard and valuable math knowledge.

Creating something manually can help young children build up problem-solving abilities, however, woodworking at the same time develops their particular motor skills. Working on woodworks require a strong grip, a way to measure, cut precisely, and put together with wooden parts.

Creating a project with wood often includes honing other skills too. For example, creating a clock raises the need to understand basic mechanical knowledge, while building furniture calls for understanding paint, stains, and etc.

Projects like this also help create a strong bond with children.

Where to Begin? If you introduce woodworking projects to children or as a beginner, start simple. Choose a project that the children will find useful and can also be worthwhile in your home.

Easy Project Suggestion: Birdhouse

Usually, the very first woodworking project suggested by many guides is building a birdhouse. There are already pre-cut kits that could be purchased at craft stores. This project requires a very simple construction. Birdhouse projects are great for small kids, possibly 3-4 years old, particularly if you don’t own a table saw or you just don’t feel comfortable using one.

If you have a table saw, jigsaw, or circular saw, you could cut the wood pieces on your own. If you don’t have any of these types of tools, you can still cut the pieces out using a handsaw however it may take more effort. Be sure that do the cutting to avoid injuries by accident.

As soon as the wood pieces are cut and ready, the children could already put the pieces together using a wood glue and paint them after. Your guidance is still important at this stage. You may need to assist every now and then, but let them choose the color design to allow their creativity to follow. Generally, there should not be any kind of safety risks and they’ll have a better feeling of delight simply because they know they “made” it without needing to follow a lot of guidelines.