Ways on Preventing your Kid to Drink and Drive

Most teens aren’t going to pick up the phone to call mom or dad when they want a ride home. The one I mentioned may be simple and you may think that your children will come with anything and say anything to you. However, many teens will find it embarrassing to call a parent as […]

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Mom & Child Crafts: Musical Instruments

Music and Arts for Pre School It is a good thought to introduce music to your children. At this early stage, experts suggest to introduce music. They learn to appreciate music along with instruments associated with it. Children who are exposed to music kindle all extents of child growth. Music helps the child become ready […]

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Babyproofing Your Home

kid's room

You don’t have to sell your house fast if it’s not babyproofed. All you would need to do is get a book or go online for instructions on how to get started. Your last resort is you can call upon the support of a handyman to transform their balcony or porch area to a family […]

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