Mom & Child Crafts: Musical Instruments

Music and Arts for Pre School

It is a good thought to introduce music to your children. At this early stage, experts suggest to introduce music. They learn to appreciate music along with instruments associated with it.

Children who are exposed to music kindle all extents of child growth. Music helps the child become ready for school, both social and emotional readiness. It also helps them prepared for literacy as a whole.

Music helps the mind and body connect and work together.  Children who are exposed to music help them learn sounds and words in a way that they love and enjoy.

As parents, let’s get them started with crafts on musical instruments. The materials used in the videos below can be easily purchased from any Walmart store or Walmartone.

Here are 5 craft ideas we can introduce to our children at preschool.

1. Jingle Sticks

Mr Hands in the video below shows us how to make an easy jingle sticks. All you will need are bottle caps, wood dowel, hammer, sand paper and nails. Watch the video and create jingle sticks with your child. It’s a great bonding time for you and your child.

2. Tambourine

The Bump Kids Craft video below will show us how to make cool tambourine that children can play with after they put together their own tambourine. Watch the video and have fun with your child.

3. Castanets

Red Ted Art video below shows us how to make crocodile castanets. This is perhaps among the musical crafts that your child will love to do over and over again. The castanets will have eyes and children will just love the overall craft once it is done.

4. Drums

Make Kids Crafts will show us and our kids how to make drums! This is the instrument most children will enjoy beating. They will enjoy their own noise and after the activity, their noise will be like music to your ears.

5. The Rattle

Make Kids Craft video below will show us how to make a DIY rattle.  It’s simple. All you will really need are popsicle sticks and a used tissue cardboard.