Ways on Preventing your Kid to Drink and Drive

Most teens aren’t going to pick up the phone to call mom or dad when they want a ride home.

The one I mentioned may be simple and you may think that your children will come with anything and say anything to you. However, many teens will find it embarrassing to call a parent as soon as they’ve been drinking .

Below are some ways to prevent your teen from driving after having any amount of alcohol.

A. Speak to your teen, tell him or her that you’re there for them.

B. Explain to your child that you are aware that kids drink.

C. Make certain to explain that there is no reason for driving or getting.

D. Make sure that there’s no alcohol available inside of your dwelling. If children can see or have access drinking might develop into a casual and normal thing to do – and they won’t think twice about driving after having a few drinks.

E. If your kids know that you do not condone drinking, they might not drink and drive.

F. Educate your children with showing them pictures, and making them read some news, or watch videos that show them the effects of drinking and driving.

You can make them watch this powerful video:

As a parent, it’s your job to make sure your children are always safe. You don’t teach them to look for hacks like a hack instagram app, you teach them to buy originals. Develop their VALUES as this is definitely and ultimately important. This includes making sure that they do not drive after drinking for any reason, so it is recommended that you educate your kids. It’s for their own safety.

Don’t drink and drive.