Motherhood: Love and Sacrifice


There is a fantastic mother somebody who would sacrifice everything for her kids. It is not unusual to hear parents “How could you do this for me after all of the sacrifices that I have made for you?” Most parents are driven by adoring goals. It’s just as common to find children retorting innocently (and at a seemingly ungrateful manner):”When did I ever ask you to sacrifice for me?” There is a grain of truth in children’s words. The truth hurts.

Sacrifice often confuses with real love, when the former is a self-serving act driven by the inborn desire of one to live up to one’s beliefs. To sacrifice means to give up or relinquish something of value that one believes being of value.

That sounds really negative. But self-serving is not necessarily negative. It is human to act from an innate desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain. To love the children basically entails accepting them. It follows that complete acceptance of our children is usually possible only if fully accept ourselves. It is no secret that loving our kids begins with loving ourselves.

A couple’s life is centered around their little bundle of pleasure after getting a parent. Emotions are one of the largest sacrifices someone earns as a parent. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). An emotionally stable individual is happier.

But due to civic responsibilities, they cannot fulfill that often. All these sacrifices dissipate their emotional wellness. These sacrifices require a toll on their financial planning. The priority listing varies. Suddenly the infant tops the list of relationships. Some friends and family members drift aside from parents. Until s/he gets independent, A child demands undivided attention.

Relationship problems are suffered by parents with their spouse because they spend the majority of their time working or caring for kids which result in a fading emotional connection between spouses.

Most of the time, a mother sacrifice. Parents take up tasks that let them spend additional time with their children. Some parents usually give up on their favorite meals to devote more budget to inculcate healthy eating for their children. Some well to do families have given a meal merely up to feed their children. Holiday plans are decided by the education of kid.

Parents have unconditional love for children. Remember, a parent never retires. As a mother, and a daughter, the longer you go through parenting, the more you owe an apology for my parents because of their selfless love especially to my mother that had given everything up for my own future.