The Experiences Children Go Through When Their Parent Remarries

Daughter of a remarried parent


When getting married again coming from a previous relationship, the prevailing emotions are exciting, positive, and optimistic. You might get busy with all the preparation, wedding invitations (or convites de casamento as they say in Portuguese), and reception, and still neglect the most important things to get ready for. That is preparing your child for this big change in his or her life.

Remarriage might have many positive elements, even though your child could be awaiting quite different things than you. Additionally, there are some problems that could arise because members of 2 households start living under precisely exactly the exact identical roof.

Here are a few of the most frequent issues for school-age kids:


As their parents, develop considerable connections and decide to remarry, kids might be educated of the first family members of the life that they had together with their mother and dad. Now, but together using the possibility of the new union, they need to face the fact that their parents actually are not likely to reconcile and they will never have their first household back. This is sometimes a source of excellent despair.

Kids who have assembled a specially intimate relationship with their mother or father in a span of single parenthood should now learn how to talk about that parent using a new partner and possibly with stepsiblings. It could help to get the kids to get together to get to know each other to get an occasion or two.

Some children will show signs of improved attachment to the parent who’s getting married. As an example, a child may not wish to leave a parent negative in certain social conditions or might express jealousy once the parent demonstrates focus on the new partner and their children. Your little one may even verbalize a number of her hurt and anger (“I do not think he is the ideal man for you, Mother”).

Some kids wonder, “Where do I belong?” As they view their parent beginning a new household, they might feel like a person than a portion of their new family arrangement. With time, but most children adapt to their new household conditions. As they have to understand their stepparent and stepsiblings much better, their degree of approval will expand too.


Many kids feel that should they enjoy and show love in their new stepparent, then they’ll be disrespecting their other parent–that the one that this brand new stepparent, to some degree, is substituting in their property. Some kids may fear that when their parent remarries–hence bringing a brand fresh father/mother figure to the house –they’ll eliminate the attention and love of the other dad or mother.

Your little one might feel uncomfortable need to be utilized to just two fathers or two mothers. Especially at first, let them see your new partner in the most comfortable manner –possibly as another dad or occasionally as Mommy’s spouse. Say something such as, “Your stepfather differs from the dad, and nobody could possibly replace your daddy.”


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Expect your child to create some comparisons involving her or his actual parent and stepparent, in both negative and positive ways. They might blurt out announcements such as, “You are not as fine as my dad.” Comparisons are regular in this adjustment phase. Finally, your little one will quit making them. But some kids could have more issues and might want to seek support from some mental health practitioner.

If you are able, father and stepfather, or even mother and stepmother, must contact one another to start working toward becoming at ease with speaking about your youngster. This can start with a telephone call simply to say hello and also to share ideas about the kid. Both parties may choose to have dinner or another informal assembly. Even though both of these adults may encounter each other in particular events, like birthdays and graduations, these events might not be the most effective days to do much speaking. The comfier these 2 people become with one another, the more assured the child will sense he or she doesn’t need to choose between the love of their parent and creating a connection with the stepparent. It’ll demonstrate to the child the adults have been pulling with her or his behalf and care and also have their interests in mind.

Don’t expect your child to fix her or his loyalty struggles in the event that you haven’t solved all your issues along with your ex-spouse. When remarriages happen, the dilemma of child custody frequently comes up. By way of instance, if a teenaged father marries a girl with kids, he might go back to court, asking that his kid now resides with him (“I have a spouse at home today and I could look after my kid”). In the middle of a continuing custody battle, the kids often find it more challenging to take care of their particular loyalty struggles.

New Rules

As kids move from a house with one parent to one which now comprises a stepparent and possibly stepsiblings, they’ll most likely have changes in how their family acts. Routines are going to be altered along with new actions that could possibly be in place.

With more individuals in the house, privacy problems may be significant. It could be more difficult for kids to locate some area they could call their very own.

Everybody –including the kids –want to take part in the sort-out and accommodate to the way in which the home runs. Most relatives accommodate, but it might take a while.


Virtually all couples need their new unions to work out nicely for everybody. Hopefully, with learning from previous experiences, they could achieve their own fantasies.

Within stepfamilies, it’s unrealistic to expect that the kids will instantly respect and appreciate their brand new stepparents. In the actual world, relationships grow more gradually. Kids need time to actually get to understand and feel comfortable using a stepmother or stepfather.

Generally, superior relationships grow faster with younger kids. School-age kids, that are far more set in their manners, may rightly believe their lifestyles that are established are being bothered with this new guy or girl entering their lifestyle.