The challenges of parents

Parenting is enjoyable but not always easy.

Being a parent means planning for the unexpected

Life with young children is meaningful and fulfilling, but at the same time also full of adversity and a lot of sacrifice for parents. Being a parent means dealing with the fact that large parts of the day are outside the control for years. Hardly any other task than parenting demands such flexibility.

Parenthood is sometimes difficult

If parents occasionally feel that parenting is overwhelming, then they can take some comfort in the fact that almost all parents of young children do. Even with parents who seem to have everything under control, things go wrong. Instead of tormenting themselves with doubts about parenthood, parents can rather be proud of what they have achieved be in their own home or an assured rent place.

How parenting changes life

Parenthood changes a lot in the life of the parents: everyday life, the way you view the world, and your own values. Parents make new friends, but also lose contact with old friends. The relationship with the partner is different than before, and the relationship with one’s own parents is often given a new dynamic. Young parents have to say goodbye to dear habits.

Grow more and more into parenthood every day

Parenting is not a teaching profession, it is always a bit of jumping into the cold, unknown water. Especially with the first child. But slowly, parents grow more and more into parenthood according to the learning-by-doing principle over the years. Nobody should let themselves be unsettled by occasional mistakes, but always keep the optimistic basic conviction to achieve successful parenting.

Parenthood begins with bonding

Parents should give their children something very important that will accompany them throughout their lives: basic trust. In the beginning, the body’s biology is very helpful: During birth, the messenger substance oxytocin is released in the mother’s brain – as a reaction to the widening of the cervix. This hormone is also called the attachment or love hormone. Many women report a happy, almost intoxicated state and feel deeply for the small bundle that is placed on their chests.