The Challenges of Being a Single Mom


As a mom it’s a lot hard sometimes and obviously for the most part, below valued.  All mothers are aware that the vast majority of the duty of raising our children falls upon us, starting with conception, however as single mothers even the toughest task on the planet is made ten times harder by the lack of their father and becoming the mind of a one-parent family ravaged by kids with nobody about to back you up.

The simple fact that we had been married and that he had been current because the father figure encouraging my parental authority made a massive difference between then and today. This clearly will make co-parenting rather hard. Most single mothers have struggles co-parenting using their ex regardless of how they get together. Frequently and occasionally without them knowing it, our exes could be endangering and dismissive and when our kids witness this it shows a lack of support for the single mother thereby usurping our ability with our children.

The Challenges

Among the largest challenges we face as single mothers is preserving our ability with our children, and if our ex disturbs us our kids might get confused and begin to doubt our ability. Additionally, if you are a single mother like me with nearly all the parenting time, then you know that it’s not possible to have the function of this”good-cop” the dad can display in an every-other-weekend foundation.

Children say many times they think their father is more straightforward than me. The children look forward to watching their father as they don’t find him almost as frequently as they visit me.

Raising the Kids

Raising kids has not only challenges but a few anxiety too, and only mothers have that tenfold. I have understood that not having a guy or some other adult figure from the household dynamic means that nobody is backing up me and making it a lot easier for the children to challenge me longer than when there were a few reinforcement.

Regrettably, we single mothers frequently lack the type of service we want and there does not appear to be any substitute available that would compensate for this disability, unless of course you remarry or have any other male role model on a constant basis. So what do we single mothers do? Continue doing the very best we could and hope one day in our future our children will”make it” and love us and we all do to them.

Our perseverance and attempts will teach them exactly what they have to understand to go out from the world and also be confident and productive adults. For today it is reassuring to learn that every single mothers know the challenges which people face daily.