Parents Ask – Why Is Minecraft The Perfect Game For Kids?

What is Minecraft? Minecraft is an open-world game with no set goal. You can explore the world of Minecraft and plunge into exciting adventures. There is a lot to explore, such as different dungeons or normal caves where you can find ores and other valuable resources for later gameplay (gaming experience) and mine them with a pickaxe. There are also different dungeons like the Nether (like hell) or the end.

You decide for yourself which way you want to go. Do you want to build the most beautiful castle? Do you want to explore caves or meet the villagers? Are you interested in making the coolest things with the found materials? Minecraft gives you the choice! Both children and adults can let off steam creatively in Minecraft.

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Minecraft explained: How to play

About the gameplay: You start in a world with different biomes (ice and snow biomes, grass and meadow biomes, mountains, forests, jungles, swamps, and many more).

You can craft different tools for different activities that will make playing easier for you. Minecraft is a very realistic game except for the fact that all textures are square. There is no blood when killing animals or monsters to get raw materials for various recipes. The opponent then only lights up red once and disappears in a kind of fog when he has been fought.

Different game modes in Minecraft

There are different game modes like survival mode, adventure, and creative mode. In survival mode, you fight for survival by killing monsters and crafting important tools. But watch out, the monsters come at night, build your dwelling before nightfall!

In creative mode, you can let your creativity run free and express your thoughts with buildings. In Minecraft Creative Mode, no one tells you what to do and what not to do, you decide.

But there is one more game mode, namely Adventure mode. In this mode, you can look at buildings but not destroy them.

Difficulty level: Prefer to live dangerously?

There are four different difficulty levels: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

  • Peaceful: No monsters are generated, you don’t lose hunger clubs, and you continuously regenerate life. Perfect for younger kids!
    Simple: Monsters are generated, Creepers (green exploding monsters) stop their explosion even if you move a few blocks away, enemies deal much less damage.
    Normal: Monsters are generated, you lose Hunger Clubs, and you can only regenerate life by eating. You can only eat when you are hungry.
    Hard: Monsters are generated, enemies deal significantly more damage than the other difficulties, and they drop fewer items. Also, zombies can break down doors and there is a chance if you use a throwing potion that a spider will spawn.

What Parents Need To Know About Minecraft?

The age recommendation for Minecraft

From what age is Minecraft suitable? Minecraft is approved by the entertainment software self-control (USK) from six years. It also depends on which mode you play. While Creative and Adventure modes are relatively harmless, Survival and Hardcore modes are more aggressive and attack-oriented.

How do I find a suitable Minecraft server?

Minecraft servers and how to find them: You can play Minecraft on servers together with other players. There are thousands of servers in Minecraft, but which are the safest and largest?

My 3 top Minecraft servers are an English server, the Hypixel server, the GommeHD server, a good server created by a German YouTuber, and the PurpleOre server, also an English server. You can also check out new servers from the Best Minecraft Servers website. They have Bedwars Servers, Parkour, and a whole lot more. All servers have an in-game server that is 100% secure.