Kik Alternatives: Tips For Using Healthy Lifestyle Apps

Apps and online tools can support cancer sufferers on their way to a healthy lifestyle or in dealing with the disease. But they also harbour risks.

New health apps and online tools like Kik Alternatives come onto the market almost every day. Some measure physical activity, help people to relax and be more mindful or give advice on nutrition. Others serve as a pain diary, reminders to take medication or provide information about preventive medical check-ups. Only a few of the apps are certified and there are hardly any legal bases. It is therefore important to exercise a certain degree of caution here and to compare the personal benefits with possible risks.

Kik Alternatives: Considerations when using a healthy lifestyle app

Purpose and functionality

Regardless of the individual requirements, the app should generally meet the following points:

  • the specific area of ​​application and purpose are described
  • the limits of the app are clearly shown
  • simple, user-friendly installation and commissioning
  • is structured in a way that is understandable for laypeople and is easy to use
  • runs stably and without interruptions
  • supports users in a certain context to achieve a goal

Kik Alternatives: Topicality and correctness of the content

Since there is no uniform certification or a quality label for apps, the evaluation is often left to the users. As with printed information, with an app, it is also worthwhile to ask whether the content is correct and who published it. Identifying incorrect and outdated information is often difficult.

Kik Alternatives: Data protection and data usage

Kik Alternatives

The protection and security of personal data when using health apps should play a central role in the decision for or against their use.

The app should have a privacy policy that meets the following points:

  • is easy to find and view
  • is in principle formulated in an understandable way
  • provides information about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of data as well as possible disclosure to third parties
  • only requests the personal data that is necessary for the functionality

A complete deletion of the stored data is usually not possible or not verifiable. Think carefully about which data you disclose and where.