Children Cheating in School vs Children Using FIFA 18 Hack

It is a fact that we are living in a competitive world. From work to our neighborhood, to schools, to sports, and practically everything we do, there is that competitive awareness in us.

Our children are so much of aware of this that they tend to look for solutions to get ahead of the game. In the world of gaming, they tend to use sports hack such as the FIFA 18 Hack, which is in other angles helpful to their sportsmanship and ego.

In other scenarios, our children tend to find other solutions to become more competitive. They tend to resort to cheating when it comes to school work, tests, and even homework. Cheating could be an excuse to excel however we all know that this is socially and morally unacceptable. And as a parent, it is our duty to do all we can to let them know this is wrong.

How do you handle children using Sports Hack like FIFA 18 Hack?

Children who are into gaming are most likely using other forms of hack to win. While many other kids are doing this, and the use of this hacks can be acceptable in some forms, explain to your child that the use of sports hack in the gaming world is not applicable in the real world. Real sports require sportsmanship, real action, and hard work. And thus your child will have to work hard to become more competitive without cheating.

How do you handle children cheating in school?

As parents, we feel devastated when we find out our children are cheating their way in school. This is a serious issue and it has to be given proper solution immediately.

1. Talk to your child. Let your child know that cheating is not the same as using sports hack. Let them be aware that cheating is a serious issue and there are consequences that come with it.

2. If cheating happens for the first time, give your child a subtle punishment, like being grounded for a week or a month. Take a few of the privileges that your child enjoys. The purpose of this action is for your child to understand that cheating is not acceptable and there is a punishment involved with this type of action.

3. If cheating happens again, increase the intensity of your child’s punishment. Take away the most important privilege your child enjoys for a month or so.

4. While cheating is a serious issue, physical punishment is not a solution. It will just result in rebellion, and in fact, it is just adding another problem to a problem instead of resolving the issue.

There are many ways to handle a cheating child and I think the best way to do this is by means of communication. Empathizing with your child and at the same time letting them know the consequences of their action.