Why Corporal Punishment Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good For Your Kids

Many people say that being a parent is already one difficult job to handle, and there are many other responsibilities in the household aside from taking care of the kids. You also have to mind about paying the bills, and for you to do that, you must do really well at work. Unfortunately, it is a big challenge to juggle all the work, and you tend to resort to some drastic measures so the burden will be lessened in a short time, particularly in guiding the children. One particular method that many parents do is corporal punishment, or giving the kids some sort of consequence for every bad action that they did. Spanking and slapping are some of the forms of this kind of punishment, and the children become afraid to repeat their mistakes.

Teach Them Valuable Lessons Without Introducing Physical (And Emotional) Pain

Hurting the children physically through spanking or other ways is not the only form of corporal punishment. Giving them a frightening glare or shouting at them already counts as one. Whatever the form of punishment that may be, child psychologists believe that this kind of training to shape up the kids’ behavior is actually harmful. This is because the children are being taught that hurting other people is okay because they are not behaving accordingly. When they grow up and someone doesn’t do as they please, they might consider abusing him or her to “teach a lesson.

As their parents, your children sees you as the builder of your home. Them feeling safe and loved inside the house depends on how you treat them. If you ever start hurting them, or at least letting them know that you can hurt them if they don’t follow you, then you will also start making them less comfortable inside the house. We all know that our home must be a completely safe haven for the family, and we should do our best so that our chidren will always remember that.

It is understandable that parents get a little bit tired and exhausted in maintaining the household, and it doesn’t help that their children become rowdy that sometimes, we consider corporal punishment as the only way to immediately teach them how to behave properly. Just remember how much your kids mean to you, and how you would do anything for them and protect them against anything or anyone who wants to hurt them. There are many ways to take care of the kids, particularly on the physical aspect. For one, to make sure that their teeth remains clean and healthy, go visit post falls dentist and see your children flashing their big, refreshing smile.