One Way to Protect Your Kids – Secure Their Photos Online

In the digital world today, social media is an avenue of expressing our emotions, achievements, celebrations, and travel goals. Sometimes, parents do not just share their selfies but also those photos with their families and kids. But, isn’t it bothering to upload and share photos with your kids on social media?

With the recurring incidents related to online photo sharing, it is impossible for parents to ignore this issue.

However, here’s the catch. Parents should always be keen on the way of uploading and sharing the photos. Most of the time, that’s the difficult task of parenting – protecting the kids. Securing their photos online is a way of safeguarding them.


Tips on securing kids photos online

Parents can do measures to avoid or at least minimize the online sharing of photos of the kids. However, kids might be doing it – sharing and posting photos on social media. But, parents can be sure and feel safe about this. Just try to consider some of the tips below.



Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has privacy settings for photo sharing options. Photos including the children, the privacy control should be set to customs. This will only allow selected family members and friends to view those pics.



Before, only established companies utilized the watermarking. But now it is also important to be used for the photos especially those that include the kids. Watermarking can add protection to those photos.

Adding a watermark is easy as there are various apps that cater addition of watermark to photos. Or use Picasa or Photoshop to create or edit the pics. There are also other editing program that are available which can incorporate watermark.



The cameras can be adjusted when taking photos. Cam resolution can be lowered or increased. For example, underwater trail camera that is used for wildlife photo taking, the resolution can be lowered. Primarily because the images taken may be blurred and hard to print. For online photos, lowering the image resolution may help before posting. People may have a hard time to enlarge the images.