Moms Quit Their Job To Become Mompreneurs

It all started with a small online shop at eBay, Shopee, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms. Then they created their own website, thanks to a trusted Magento specialist. Now, these mompreneurs are enjoying the time of their lives with their family and kids while managing their successful online business.

If you are working a full-time job and would like to get started with an eCommerce small business part-time, the very first challenge many people come across is actually the product to offer. Typically, people maintaining full-time work and planning to get started with online business want something “uncomplicated”. Low commitment, an easy task to source or produce, and requires little upkeep and work.

What You Need To Know About Ecommerce Business

Mompreneurs from all types of industries in eCommerce gave out their top tips for other mothers trying to have a work-life-family balance. From all of the working moms being able to become the best parents at the same time, they all said the same thing – there should be an equal mix of time management, marketing, and working strategies in place to make it work.

Let’s hear it from successful mompreneurs whose story and experience can help other moms discover their true potential in business and story and lived experiences can help you discover your own passion for business and give you the knowledge you need to see it through.

Stefan Loble founded Bluff Works, which sells wrinkle-free trousers. After a successful fundraising campaign, he grew his eCommerce business for 3 years. Just recently, Stefan left his full-time work in commercial software and is now working full time on his online business.

Valerie and Jeffrey Franklin are a couple who work as project managers and architects full time. After Walnut Studiolo was founded in 2009 and sold handmade leather goods, the couple went full-scale in operations in 2011 when they see the potential of their e-commerce business.

Michelle Hudson of Working Mom is grateful to Shopee and other eCommerce platforms because they acknowledge the fact that working moms have other obligations outside work. The opportunity of working with these great platforms offers flexible hours that many mompreneurs need.

“Being given this overall flexibility tends to make me and other working mothers really feel greatly regarded, trusted and revered, which motivates us to deal with our time smartly to become as effective as is possible.”

– Michelle Hudson, Working Mom

Start making use of your calendar to locate the available time where you could plan time for your online business. If what it takes is to bring with you a laptop at work so you can dedicate some time to your online business, do it. If it requires that you dedicate an entire weekend for you to finish a website, do it.

These are all small sacrifices that will benefit you in the end. It is okay to be a bit selfish with your time when you are hoping to get get your plan moving for your online business. Your family and friends and those who support you will understand.