How Much Should Parents Help Out Their Children In Schoolworks In The New Normal?

The new school year has already begun, and there are a bunch of new things that every student should now be accustomed for in this time of the pandemic. As the dreaded coronavirus still threatens to infect thousands of students in schools all over the country, physical or face-to-face classes are highly prohibited. In this case, schools have already switched to remote learning, where students will no longer have to go physically to their classsrooms. Instead, they will meet their classmates and teachers via online video conference. Most schools have also adapted a hybrid learning setup, where aside from virtual classes, students will be given learning modules which they can answer in their home.

This sounds like a lot of work to do for a child, especially that the teacher’s role is somehow limited due to the constraints of distant learning. However, this is the time for the parents to share the role of an educator with the school teachers, as they help their children in their problems in schoolworks.

The question is, how much should the parents help out their children in answering their learning modules and online examinations? Knowing that the parents are at home with their kids while the classes are ongoing, there should be a limitation set to ensure that the students are really benefitting from this remote learning setup.


Allow Your Children To Learn The Lessons By Themselves

The reason for having remote learning in this school year is to avoid the risk of catching the disease outside. However, making the learning a lot easier for the students should not be the case. It is easy for the parents to be the ones answering the seatworks or quizzes that their children should be answering, especially in this kind of setup. This should be the time for the parents to step up and show a good example. No matter how much you like your kids to excel in school, you should show them how to be honest in doing their work. More importantly, ensuring that the children really learn from the school exercises must be the parents’ primary goal in this remote learning method. Remember to prioritize mindfulness and justice 222 guide at all times, even when there is no one around to check the progress of the students.

Aside from guiding the children in their school activities, parents should have time to use for their own personal development. For one, finding spare time in a day to exercise is important to keep their bodies healthy, especially during this pandemic.