Guiding Your Child Towards The Right Diet

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Parenting is becoming more and more difficult each day because today’s generation is way different from the time when you were all kids and there were no internet and mobile devices. Nowadays, parents must be more alert when it comes to monitoring their kids. Since information is very accessible in the present times and your child is more likely to get exposed in social media, internet, and YouTube, chances are, the age of kids and young adults that are aware of the standards and trends are much younger these days.

Traditional parents will think that it is okay for a twelve-year-old to be unguided even while holding a tablet because his/her interests are just video games and other mobile applications that provide entertaining games. If you are guilty, then you should change your mindset. A kid as young as 6 years old may be exposed to false information and inappropriate videos. Hence, strict monitoring should be made.

Parental guidance must not only be made for children age from 4-13 years old. Teenagers should be guided in everything that they do, most especially girls, because they are getting aware of the society’s standards of beauty at an early age. Say for example you have a daughter who is already 15 years old and she is quite fat. You are not aware that she is being bullied at school because of how she looks. As a result, your daughter got depressed and frustrated to lose weight. She then look for the different types of diet on the internet such as the 28 day keto challenge review in, high-fiber diet, and the high-protein diet. Then she decided to try the high-protein diet by eating lots of fish, chicken, pork and even protein shakes. However, the child did not know how to determine if she is exceeding the required amount of protein needed by her body and too much protein is dangerous.  Little did she know that consuming too much protein on a regular basis can lead to intestinal discomfort and indigestion. Now you, as a parent, trusted your daughter too much and knew about this when it is already too late.